Brought together by a shared love of fashion, art, and design, Andrea Longacre-White and Karyn Starr founded White-Starr in New York City in 2006 and expanded to Los Angeles in 2008.

Through her years of working both in art galleries and as a consultant and artist for textile designers, Karyn has learned the ins and outs of the New York fashion and art world. From Barney's to boutiques, she knows where to find the perfect pieces for any wardrobe.

A successful photographer in both fine art and commercial contexts, and a design and branding consultant, Andrea has a unique stylistic vision. She continues to publish photographic editions of her own and others' work under her moniker: Forsythian Press.

White and Starr view their creative overlaps and differences as fundamental to servicing clients. The White-Starr partnership brings balance to fulfilling the broad spectrum of each client's indivual needs. White and Starr share enthusiasm for every project. They see their relationship with each of their clients as a collaboration. White-Starr is continually inspired by it's clients and truly enjoy the process of problem solving all of their clients' aesthetic concerns.