White-Starr was founded in 2006 by Andrea Longacre-White & Karyn Starr,
with the express aim of empowering women and men through aesthetic direction.

White and Starr draw upon their decades of experience in the fashion, design, and art industries to develop styling solutions that highlight each client’s personality while complementing his or her lifestyle. Eschewing trends, they focus on individuality to build bespoke mix-and-match wardrobes that maximize time, highlight the wearer’s best self, and set the stage for an amplified life.

White-Starr’s vision doesn’t exist in a vacuum, which is why the company’s services extend beyond the closet. Whether refining a brand’s image, editing a fashion designer’s collection, or creating an inspirational celebration, the founders apply their style philosophy and expertise to everything from branding to interior design to special events.

With offices in New York and Los Angeles, White-Starr works worldwide, collaborating with a global network of personnel and retail resources.


{Personal Aesthetic Direction}

Taking into account personality and lifestyle, White-Starr curates personal wardrobe solutions—comprising closet consultations, shopping, and styling—that reflect a client’s individuality and aspirations.

{Fashion & Design Direction}

Calling upon its founders’ vast experience dressing men and women of all ages and sizes, White-Starr works directly with fashion designers.
The company’s services range from collection consultation and inspiration assistance to collection and store styling to identity development, shopping, and more.

{Brand & Business Direction}

Applying its interdisciplinary approach to brand and business consulting, White-Starr offers aesthetic direction to companies of all sizes, advising them on brand identity development, image curation, special projects,
and more.




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    This is what a "blow out" looks like on my scraggly head. Maybe I should go for grown up hair more often (maybe).